New Jersey Kids Club
Kids Club meets every 4th Sunday at 2:30 PM
Principal: Cicily Nedunthuruthil -(718) 447 1193
Vice Principal: Peter Manthuruthil -(201) 291 0985
Rockland Knanaya Catholic Youth & Kids Club (RKCYKC)
RKCYKC is proud to be the first kids club formed in the Knanaya history. Thanks to the vision and dedication of Thomas Palanilkamuriyil. Presently it combines the kids from Rockland and Westchester counties and there are 110 members. We teach Knanaya history, heritage, bible and occasionally have fun trips, cultural programs charity work and camping.
Kids Club meets every 3rd Sunday at 2:00 PM at the Knanaya Community Center.
Principal: Stevanson Nellickattil - (914) 337 1182
Vice Principal: John Kusumalayam - (845) 357 1529
Queens / Long Island Kids Club
The Brooklyn Queens Long Island Kids Club meets every 1st Sunday at 2:30.
Principal - (Aby) Abraham Thervalakattayil (516) 812-9145.
Vice Principal – Abraham Perumanisseril
Manager – Thomas Thottam
Youth Coordinators - Illical Jose & Meckattil Renny
Sports Coordinators - Medayil Kurian, Thottappuram James, & Pathiyil Luke
Staff Members - Simi Maliekal, Sali Meckattil, Mini Thottam, Benzy Thervalakattayil, Shiby Chandy, & Nicholas, Thottam
Kids Club Sport Activity

Kids Club is organizing indoor sports activities - Basketball, Badminton, & Volleyball for youngsters & adults on every Saturday from 6pm - 9pm at Cure of Ars Church Facility in Merrick. The program will start Saturday January 22, 2011. We please request that all the interested to come by 5:30pm. Address for the Cure of Ars Church is 2323 Merrick Avenue, Merrick, NY. Please contact coordinators Kurian Medayil & James Thottappuram for more information.

Kids Club of Brooklyn, Queens, Long Island Celebrates the Centenary of Kottayam Diocese
Knanaya Kids Club of Brooklyn, Queens, and Long Island has initaited a project called "Little Hands Helping Hands" to make all our children participate in the centenary celebration of Kottayam Diocese and imporve their awareness about Kottayam Diocese and Knanaya Community.
Highlights of the Project:
  • Aim of the project is to improve the knowledge of children about our community, not the amount of money they collect.
  • All Children or interested family will be given a Piggy Bank (one per family). Children will be collecting all the coins they get/see in their home. While they put each coin in the piggy bank, we encourage them to learn one question about the Kottayam Diocese and our Knanaya community.
  • Parents are requested to discuss/teach at least 10 facts about the community (history, culture and traditions) every week for the next six months.
  • Kids Club teachers will be discussing community related topics during the next six Kids Club Meeting.
  • A Knanaya Quiz will be conducted for each grade in the month of June 2011. Prizes will be given to First, Second and Third place winners.
  • Piggy Bank savings will be collected in June 2011. The amount will be used to help any needy person, family or organization in Kottayam Diocese with the guidance of Kottayam Diocese officials.
  • Will make plans to distribute the money by our children visiting Kerala during summer 2011.
  • All the participating children will be awarded certificate of "Charity Project Participant"